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What do you believed happened to Rex during order 66? Do you think he carried out the order or got away?

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Well, the first thing we can be certain of is that Rex still has his chip implanted, because Commander Fox is an A+ certified prick.


The problem we do have is that sometime between Ahsoka leaving and ROTS, Anakin appointed Appo as his new Commander. Why wouldn’t his first choice be Rex, who often served as his second in command when Ahsoka wasn’t there?

If the series ran until season eight, when it sounds like most things would have wrapped up, we’d probably have an in-universe answer. My standing theory is Rex fought the programming and escaped Coruscant, since that’s what you asked, but after that… I have no idea?

I can see him finding other early rebels (and a Jedi here or there) and pulling together to train different pockets of civilian militias trying to take their planets back from the Imps. But it’s so early on and the Empire is coming down on everyone, so I can see things failing 90% of the time, with “half of us are alive” being the only criteria for success.

Pretty sure he wouldn’t track down Ahsoka, though, since there’s a price on his head and he wouldn’t want to drag her into things since she so narrowly escaped falling under Order 66. And also, if he respected Ahsoka’s decision to leave things before, he knows she was right now.

(That said, fighting the Empire by helping to protect surviving Jedi and families with Force sensitive children is something I can see Ahsoka dragging herself into all day every day.)


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30 Day Teen Titans Challenge

Day 21: What’s your favorite romantic ship?


I’ve honestly never had a ship like this. They’re love has consumed the very essence of my being. They’re the best OTP I’ve ever had and I love being on their journey of canonization in TTG. 

There are so many incredible aspects of the ship (the deep mutual understanding of how damaged they both are, the sexual tension, the playful awkwardness, the flirting, the opposites-attract factor, etc.) that just give me feelings like I’ve never had before. 

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